About the Webmaster


He is a professional information engineer with passion of anything good to put into mouth. He has attended quite a number of cooking classes in Hong Kong, Macau, Paris, Cordona under the instructions of international chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire (The third restaurant in the world from 2006 to 2008) and Alain Passard and Philippe Clergue (Le Cordon Bleu) from France, Martin Yan and Daniel Green from United States as well as Luciano Parolari, Vincenso Spinosi (Prince of Pasta) and Fabrizio Ferrara from Italy. There are some more…


The belief is that when one understands better how a dish is prepared, one appreciates the food better. He also believes that a good collaboration with chef, scientist and engineer benefits mankind for the creation of better dishes. He always quotes the example of 65oC egg to illustrate this idea.


He has also been trained as a barista, bartender and is now studying the WSET courses on wine. Furthermore, he always grasps chance to acquire new knowledge and information about food, wine and coffee. He organized a wine tour to Italy from 2nd to 14th June, 2008 which covers coffee, wine and truffle. He visited more than 10 wineries, tried around 35 wines. The trip also included truffle hunting, barrel tasting of wine, had a wonderful dinner at the Michelin Star Restaurant Piazza Duomo at Alba with Mr. Federico Ceretto which was finished with a Toro Albala Don PX Gines Liebana 1910 Sherry.


He always tries restaurants from very traditional old Chinese Tea House to Michelin star restaurants to experience very good food and wine. He likes rice rolls that cost a few dollars and also appreciates and enjoys the expensive meals. He attended quite a number of seminars, exhibitions, including some in Shanghai, Macau and Hong Kong. He is fond of knowing the chefs. They are artists. This is demonstrated from his collection of chefs, winemakers, and other food and wine celebrities’ signatures including those by Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Ducasse, Régis Marcon, Daniel Green, Juuse Mikkonen, Hervé This and Felix Beigger. He was also the first one that brought the Michelin Guide for Hong Kong and Macau.


He is also very interested in Molecular Gastronomy. Unlike people talking about how to make the presentation very different by it, he studied the origin through Dr. Hervé This’ work and how Science and Technology improves the dishes. He attended Dr. This’ lectures in Hong Kong and in Paris and a very special menu designed by him in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. As a result, he has experience of delicious dishes making use of such technology and not-so delicious dishes using it. The fundamental principle is that no matter what science and technology is applied to food, the purpose is to make it delicious and healthy. Food looks very eye catching but fails in achieving a very good taste is just a wrong use of Molecular Gastronomy.


In August, 2009, he organized the trip 神之水滴酒莊之旅 with his wife. This was a really a wonderful trip. The highlight of the trip is the birthday party of his wife in 神之水滴酒莊. He spent a whole day with the winemaker in the Libourne and his Chateau sharing a lot of joy, fun and some of their secrets.


He has gathered a group of gastronomes and set up a simple website for sharing of information. He was the one that developed the website of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the first website for a professional body in Hong Kong. He joined the Les Hautes Études du Goût (Institute of Advanced Studies in Taste, Gastronomy and the Arts of the Table) in France in October, 2009. This is a joint program by Le Cordon Bleu and University of Reims. He is the first one in Hong Kong that completed this program with the thesis “Manhan Quanxi in Hong Kong (滿漢全席在香港)”. He is also working on some books about Italian wine tour, molecular gastronomy and something else about food and wine culture.


       He presented a talk 工程師、咖啡師齊齊論咖啡 (A dialogue between an Engineer and Barista) for members of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. He was invited to give talks on講飲講食 (A talk about gastronome experience) and a talk on Italian wine for colleagues. He also shared his experience in the 咖啡雌雄鑑別活動暨試飲 Kopi Luwak, organised by the Coffee Connoisseur Association in Hong Kong. In the Hotel Expo, 2008 in Macau, he presented two talksIntroduction of “The World’s Most Expensive Coffee—Kopi Luwak 世上最昂貴的咖啡—麝香貓咖啡 介” and “The Introduction of Molecular Gastronomy份子美食介紹” which have attracted almost a full house of audience. He also shared some of his experience of Kopi Luwak in the Barista Demonstration of the HOFEX 2009. He has also organised and presented in a seminar “工程師, 廚師 齊齊論分子美食” with the Demon Chef廚魔of Bo Innovation.


He learnt Sabrage and was intronised as a Maître-Sabreur and Chevalier by the Ambassador in UK of the Confrérie du Sabre d'Or. He was also inducted as a Chevalier of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne and a Commandeur de Bordeaux. He was appointed as first Ambassador in China of the Confrérie du Sabre d'Or.


He is a regular contributor to the Gourmet Journey (邊走邊吃) of the 明燃集Towngas Avenue magazine. Articles include 一生難忘的酒庄之旅”, 回憶法國血鴨滋味and 神之水滴Les Gouttes de Dieu酒莊生日會”.


More details

Les Hautes Études du Goût (Institute of Advanced Studies in Taste, Gastronomy and the Arts of the Table), Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne), Paris and Reims, France. This class has 24 participants with Peter as the first one from Hong Kong that completed this program. He was awarded a University Diploma by the University.

l   Pedagogical dinner on medieval cuisine at Ecole Grégoire-Ferrandi

l   Visit of Rungis International Wholesale Market (world’s largest market)

l   Not as part of this program, Peter had lunch at the La Tour d’Argent and visited the Wine Cellar. In the same evening, Peter got the news that they are going to auction some of their old wines including a bottle of Fine Champagne Clos du Griffier (1788). Press release is available here.

l   Cooking Class at Le Cordon Bleu

l   Pedagogical meal on molecular cuisine, with Dr Herve This at Le Cordon Bleu, food prepared by Le Cordon Bleu Chefs

l   Graduation Ceremony dinner at Le Palais du Tau (The is the place for the French Kings had dinner after the coronation)

l   Champagne and food Pairing Dinner at Champagne Louis Roederer

l   Dinner at Château des Dames de France with products from the Clovis range.

l   Pedagogical dinner: Wine and Food Pairings at Châteaux Les Crayères

l   Visit to and lunch at Martell, blending of 1848 and 1875 cognac

l   Visit to and lunch at Chateau Margaux



l   神之水滴酒莊生日會

l   Wine tour to St. Emilien including Château Clos Fourtet (Premiers grands crus classé B), Château Haut-Sarpe (Grands crus classé)

l   Dinner at La Tupina (one of the Best 50 Restaurants in the World) meeting the owner.

l   Tour to Médoc 1885 classification Châteaux

l   Château Pichon-Longueville (Seconds Cru)

l   Château Lagrange (Troisièmes Cru) (lunch)

l   Château Prieure-Lichine (Quatrièmes Cru)

l   Capital of Gastronomy Lyon, visiting Les Halles market, dinner in L’ Est, and lunch/visits to two restaurants owned by Paul Bocuse. Another interesting experience was the visit to Lumière Museum about the origin of cinema.

l   Beaune visiting the Flea Market, Convent des Cordeliers (1243), Marche aux Vins, Hospices de Beaune (1433) (origin of world’s largest wine auction for charity purpose.), Musée du Vin and making our own mustard at the La Moutarderie Fallot Mustard Factory

l   Two local wine tours going to Cote de Beaune and Grand Crus regions including the vineyards Romanée Conti, La Tache, Richebourg, Volnay, Meursault, Monthelie, Bouze, Domaine Serrigny, Vosne-Romanee, La Tache, Gevrey-Chambertin, Musigny, Aloxe-Corton, Lunch at Restaurant Cheval Blanc (1595) and the highlights are Clos des Vougeot, owned by the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin meeting the Grand Connétable, Louis-Marc Chevignard and private Visit to the Chateau Bouchard, tasting 14 wines (7 white and 7 red) and touching a bottle of wine in 1846, meeting Luc Bouchard

l   Visit to Atelier de La Maison du Chocolat, meeting Gilles Marchal, Pâtissier Chocolatier - Directeur de la Creation, and tasting different freshly made chocolates in the Atelier. A lot of chocolate is made by hand.

l   Father of Gastronomy, Dr. Hervé This’ Laboratory in AgroParisTech, amazing equipments and projects in a classical research laboratory building. He is organizing an International Workshop in Molecular Gastronomy in 2010.

l   Coffee shops including Les Deux Magots, Café Fouqnot, Café de Flore; La Rotonde; Le Select, La Coupole and Le Dome and Restaurant Maxim’s (only visited the gift shop as the restaurant was closed for vacation)

l   Visit gourmet shops including La Maison du Miel, Maison de la Truffle, Fouchon, Hédiard


He is fond of organising events for friends including the following.

l   Cheese and wine class at home

l   Oysters and wine class at home

l   Dinner at Krug Room

l   Dinner at Chesa

l   Lunch at Petrus

l   Lunch at Gaddis

l   Lunch at Spring Moon

l   Sabatini Lunch

l   得龍大飯店

l   Gaddis Chef’s table dinner

l   元朗大榮華酒樓 經典粵菜風味

l   HKUAA Restaurant dinner

l   Dinner at Louis Steak House, a traditional steak house for more than 35 years in Hong Kong

l   三大名廚。滙聚囍宴

l   Visit to 稻鄉飲食文化博物館

l   米芝蓮1星大廚兼老闆黎偉鴻dinner at 「阿鴻小吃」


In some of these events, western food was served in the Chinese way. The purpose is to help the friends to experience a vast variety of dishes.


He has attended a number of cooking/wine classes including

l   Pierre Gagnaire cooking class (Chef: Pierre Gagnaire)

l   Culinary Masterclass in the Wine and Gourmet Asia 2007, (Chef: Alain Passard)

l   Cooking class at the Martin Yan’s Culinary Arts Center (Chef: Martin Yan)

l   Daniel Green Cooking Class at Café Causette (Chef: Daniel Green)

l   Culinary Masterclasses in the Wine and Gourmet Asia 2007, (Chefs: Jereme Leung, Peter Find, and Herve Lemonon)

l   Wine class in the Wine and Gourmet Asia 2007 by Jean-Guillaume Prats

l   Cooking class at The new Spanish Cuisine Molecular Gastronomy, organised by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (Chef: Carles Tejedor)

l   White Truffle cooking class at Macau Tourist Tower (Chef: Fabrizio Ferrara)

l   Italian Cooking Class (Chef Luciano Parolari from Villa d’Este)

l   Mixology Workshop with the Masters for Professionals (by Eben Freeman, Linden Pride and Jim Meehan)

l   SPOON (Chefs Andre Laurent and Tjaco van Eijken)

l   Peninsula Academy – Gaddis (Chef David Goodrige)

l   Peninsula Academy - Spring Moon (Chef: Lau Ping Lui)

l   Peninsula AcademyImase (Chef: Tony Chiu)

l   Peninsula Academy – Felix (Chef: Ashton Hall)

l   Peninsula AcademyVerandah (Chef: Lee Tak Sum)

l   Peninsula AcademyVerandah (Chef: Wan Kwok Chung)

l   Peninsula Academy - Patisserie (All about chocolate鍾情朱古力) (Chef: Chan Wai)

l   Nobu cooking class (Chef: Oyvind Naesheim)

l   Cooking class at the Restaurant and Bar 2008 (Chef: Vincent Thierry, Caprice)

l   Cooking class at the Restaurant and Bar 2008 (Chef: Macro Torre, Grisinni)

l   Cooking Class at Angelini (Chef: Vittorio Lucariello)

l   Cooking Class at Inagiku (Chef: Mitsuru Tamura)

l   Cooking with Stars, a series of Cooking Classes at the Kowloon Shangri La

l   Cooking Class at Balalaika (Chef: Peter Cheung)

l   香港洲際酒店欣圖軒首辦健康餐單 ihealth 廚藝班 (Chef: 劉耀輝)

l   跟米芝蓮廚煮黃油蟹宴 (Chef: 曾超敬)

l   星級廚藝學堂 and節目<美女厨房> - 東來順 (Chef: 陳國強)

l   安記廚房 - 海味烹飪班 (日本闕西剌參)

l   Discover Aceto Balsamico with Chef Marco Torre at Grissini

l   安記廚房 - 海味烹飪班 (南菲乾鮑)


He has attended a number of local and international events including:

l   Tea and Coffee World Cup 2006, Shanghai

l   Wine and Gourmet 2007 and 2008, Macau

l   HOFEX 2007, 2009

l   The new Spanish Cuisine Molecular Gastronomy, organised by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, 2008

l   Hong Kong International Wine Fair 2008

l   Food Expo for many years

l   Restaurant and Bar Exhibition 2008

l   Private Unveiling of Dom Pérignon Œnothèque at the Béthanie, 2008

l   Auction of Hennessy Beaute du Siecle (The focus is the appreciation of the art and craft rather and the auction itself), Macau

l   Hotel Expo 2008, Macau (as a speaker on two different topics)

l   The Magnificent Chefs of Macau - Chaine Dinner at IFT, Macau, 2008

l   Michelin Countdown Event, Worldwide launch of the Michelin Guide, Hong Kong and Macau. He was the first one that bought this Guide.

l   Annual Dinner of the Hong Kong Chef Association at which sitting in one of the Head Tables with Mr. Felix Beiger, Advisor and former General Manager of the Peninsula Hotel

l   Taste & learn about Nobu’s exclusive sake brewery “Hokusetsu” with Fumio Hazu san (Hokusetsu President) & Nobu San

l   Unravel the Mystery of Jura Yellow Wine

l   Symposium on Molecular Gastronomy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 24th April, 2009, Dr. Herve This was the keynote speaker for the Symposium.

l   A dinner to meet Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger

l   神之水滴酒莊主人訪港

l   Eventio Della Cucina Italiana in Hong Kong

l   Public Lecture on Molecular Gastronomy, 25th April, 2009.

l   a course of wines and gastronomic products of Piemont region of Italy in Spasso restaurant, organized by Consortium Templum Vini in cooperation with Apasa and the Piedmont region of Italy

l   Slowfood Chirstmas - A Traditional German Christmas Dinner

l   Gourmet Dinner@Traders

l   Gourmet @西苑 - 和牛甲魚香檳宴

l   Judgment of Paris Seminar – Talk by Debra Meiburg



Wine/special dinners including

l   White Alba Truffle and Ceretto Wines Dinner at Amber and Cova

l   Ceretto Wine Dinner at Aspasia

l   Masi Wine Dinner at Aspasia

l   Satori Wine Dinner at Zeffirino Ristorante

l   Krug Wine Dinner at Lung King Heen (龍景軒)

l   Hugel Wine Dinner at Man Ho

l   Dom Perignon Wine Dinner at the Qube

l   Salon Champagne Dinner at W’s Entrecôte

l   Tenuta Sette Ponti dinner at Caviar Kaspia

l   Chef Juuse from Michelin 2 Star Restaurant in Helsinki and Joseph Phelps Wines, sitting in Table with the winemaker

l   Sabatini Ristorante Italiano Dinner served by Mr. Francesco Sabatini, one of the owners of the restaurant

l   Something Unusual in Napa Wine Dinner at Uncle Moustache, sitting in Table with the winemaker

l   Gaja Wine Dinner at the Angelini

l   Opus One Wine Dinner at the Gaddis of Peninsula Hotel, sitting besides the winemaker

l   Bouchard Wine Dinner at Gaddis, sitting besides the winemaker

l   鴻星安記海味宴

l   Robuchon Gala Dinner

l   Tyrrell Wine Dinner, Pierre Restaurant

l   Château de Puligny and Domaine Hubert de Montille Dinner, Petrus Restaurant, sitting besides the winemaker

l   The Zen of Biodynamie Wine Dinner at the Miso

l   Food & Wine Journey with Jeannie Cho Lee

l   Lunch at the French Laundry, hosted by Michael Silacci, Winemaker of Opus One


Membership and courses with awards

l   Professional Barista Programme, Aloha Coffee Company

l   WSET course Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits (currently in the stage of preparing for examination)

l   Bartender Training (Beginner and Advanced), Hong Kong Cocktail School

l   Cooking with the Stars, Course jointly organised by SCOPE, City University of Hong Kong and Kowloon Shangri-la

l   Chevalier, Maître-Sabreur and Diplôme de Sabreur, Confrérie du Sabre d'Or

l   Bordeaux Wine Master Class, l’École du Vin de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Wine School)

l   Spanish Wine Educator, Spanish Wine Academy

l   Certificate on Andalusia and its Wines, Spanish Wine Academy

l   Chevalier, Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne

l   Commandeur de Bordeaux